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About Online shopping in India:
Online shopping was not a way of shopping in India just 10 years back due to initial inhibitions, but, it is growing now with extraordinary pace as the confidence of Indian buyers is increasing slowly. Seeing the current behavior of Indian buyers, online experts estimated that the trend of online shopping will become basic phenomena among buyers in coming years.

India is presently in the midst of Internet revolution with nearly 243 million citizens using the Internet. The rising Internet and Mobile penetration has phenomenally changed the way we communicate and do business. Though, India is second only to China and USA in terms of number of Internet users; E-commerce in countries like China and USA has clocked an annual sale of about 150 billion USD. India is still in the infancy stage with only 9% of its internet users shopping online. Big Troly is continuously seeing the growth of e-commerce in India and promises to give best services and great discounts.

Future of online shopping in India:
For the last fifteen years, India has been undergoing a technology revolution. India is already one of the leading destinations for organizations in countries like United States of America and the EU nations for undertaking IT projects. In a recent survey, 80% of US and European firms ranked India as their number one outsourcing destination. The main drivers for these are - English-speaking and immensely talented workforce, abundant supply of skilled labor at very competitive wages and favorable pro-IT government policies. The GDP of India has grown by about 7.2 percent CAGR over the last 10 years even when the global economy witnessed one of the worst recessions in 2008. This has led to rising disposable incomes and a growing proportion of middle class households.

The GDP growth coupled with few other significant reasons provide an exciting ground for online businesses to flourish. Firstly, the Internet and Mobile penetration in India has grown exceptionally over the past 5 years. At present, 243 million Indians (19.19 % of total population) have an access to Internet and this figure is estimated to increase to 330 million by 2015 and India will be second only to China. Further, a whopping 924 million Indians are mobile phone users and the usage of smartphones is gradually increasing. This coupled with other factors like Cash on Delivery model by E-commerce companies, among others, have led exciting revenue growth for online businesses.

Why BigTroly.com?
Big Troly, a modified word taken from the original Trolley, which means a large metal basket or frame on wheels, used for transporting heavy or large items, such as supermarket purchases or luggage at an airport or railway station. When we were searching for a good domain name, took so many times to decide and finally we decide to take trolley in a little modify way as troly. There was a confusion among us about the spelling of trolley. Trolley was suggested in our group as trolly, trolleey, troly, trauly, troolly, my big trolley, love trolley, huge trolley etc...it was really full of fun when you search for a good domain in a group. The word Trolley was already taken by a UK firm so we decided to go with Big Trolly or Big Troly. The basic problem was coming to us to take decision between big trolly and Big Troly. Different people has different opinion with great logics. Finally we decide to go with Big Troly. We wanted to get consumer a clear idea about the spelling of trolley without getting confuse in it. Now bigtroly.com is a popular online shopping cart where consumer are purchasing their household products, home and kitchen appliances, dinner sets, crockery, melamine products, fork and spoon, cutlery sets, pot and pans, kadahi, tawa, cooker, induction, juicer miexer, rinder , sports products like cricket bat, batting gloves, halmet, batting pad, English willow bat, kashmin willow bat, electric iron etc. we proive 100% genuine and original products only with brand. We serves brands like, laopala, diva, servewell, cello, nirlap, butterfly, fns, in sports we serves the product of sg, ss, si and many more.

Advantage of BigTroly:
Bigtroly.com provides 100% customer satisfaction with a guarantee return policy. We provide Cash on delivery, free home delivery, also take payments through net banking, debit and credit cards. Big Troly is an online market place where you can easily find products for your household, kitchen and home needs. We want India to get fit and healthy so we are also providing sprots and fitness products of big brands with superb discount. Cricket is a religion in India now, so we are also proving great discounts of branded cricket product like sg bat, ss bat, si bat and batting gloves etc.

Your experience on bigtroly.com will be superb and it will a win-win situation for customers. Occasionally Big Troly gives free gifts, surprise gifts to it's customers. Big Troly is more concern about 100% customer satisfaction.

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